Inspiration for Customizing Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Customizing Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

One of the truly amazing things about a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the never-ending customization options. Because of the large number of people riding Harleys and the long history the company has had of making them there are infinite options. Take a flip through one of the largest Parts & Accessories Catalogs of any OEM manufacturers. Skim through some of the articles we have published to help our customers find out a little inspiration for customizaing their motorcycle to be a little more them. Want personalized help? Schedule an appointment with our Parts Department today.

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Which Harley Windshield Is Right for You?Big%20Book_Windshields3

At highway speed, you take the wind full-force in the chest, causing fatigue in your arms, neck and shoulders. Shaped to divert air, rain and road debris around the rider, a windshield can add hours of riding comfort. Know what is available to you. Life does not need to be so difficult. We’ve taken the features straight out of the Big Book and translated them into how they affect you as a rider.

WHY: Windshields protect you from wind, rain and debris and are available in multiple styles and heights to accommodate your individual needs. A windshield takes the force of the wind off of your head & body, reducing overall fatigue.

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Ways for Motorcycles to Be More VisibleMotorcycle_headlight_575x300

Studies show that people subconsciously don’t see things they aren’t in the habit of looking for. Or, maybe they’re distracted by texting, looking at GPS, or checking their hair.

In these situations, a motorcycle’s rider’s best defense is to take active measures to make themselves more visible. Here are a few ways to become more visible while riding your motorcycle. 

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7 Reasons to Install an LED Headlight on Your MotorcyclePunch%20and%20Spread

The innovation of LEDs has made itself felt worldwide in a wide array of products, from professional film lighting to illuminating Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel to helping Harley-Davidson® riders navigate the night. LEDs are changing the way the world looks at things. So here are 7 reasons why you should consider installing an LED Headlight on your motorcycle.

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Lithium Battery with Dual Mode Battery TenderBattery

Harley-Davidson® Genuine Parts & Accessories offers the latest in battery technology following exacting test standards to ensure optimal power, long life and reliability. H-D™ AGM batteries have been the standard option for H-D® motorcycle enthusiasts, but now P&A offers you a new choice for powering your ride.

Lithium LiFe Batteries, made with lithium iron phosphate, feature superior cranking amps, notable weight reduction and an increased lifespan over H-D AGM lead-acid batteries all with minimal maintenance. The many benefits unique to Lithium LiFe Batteries paired with the Dual Mode Battery Tender contribute to keeping your motorcycle charged and on the road.

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Knockout Custom Wheel Kitknockout


This is Oakland. Let's be real. It is part of East Bay Custom culture to put big wheels on cars and bikes alike. While many motorcycles are sporting that look with Aftermarket wheels, there is a really great option from Harley-Davidson Motor Company to get some awesome custom wheels, still retain the factory warranty and - most importantly - not give up the quality of your ride. 

The 21", split 7-spoke design front wheel is the first and largest front wheel for Touring since its introduction 77 years ago. Developed specifically for the Road Glide® vehicle, the custom wheel is engineered to deliver performance and handling without compromise.

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JUST RELEASED: Fused HandlebarFused%20streetbob

Combining the edgy profile of a classic Z bar with the knuckles-up feel of a mini-ape and the narrow width of a drag bar, the Fused Bar delivers a fistful of classic chopper attitude. And with muscular cast corners, the cast elbows eliminate sharp internal bends to simplify the internal wiring. The handlebar is 1.25" at the upright and handles and 1" diameter at the base to fit with Original Equipment 1" Handlebar Risers.

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7 Resources to Help You Operate The Infotainment System Like a Proradios_tab3

Technical manuals vex me. My modest accomplishments include: replacing the motor in a 72 VW Bug in a day,  making home made pasta, and changing the diapers of my two children. However, when it comes to the combination of reading/following contemporary manuals and guides, my brain shuts down like an overserved drunkard at 2:00 am. Leaving me with the only question of, “Do human beings actually write these @#! things”?

If you recently purchased a 2014 or later Touring motorcycle with a standard or premium Infotainment System and haven’t braved through the manual, fear not. You’ll need four things to master 50% of the Infotainment operations: Patience, time and opposable thumbs. We’ll help with the rest. We’ve selected the seven best online resources that will help you learn the power of the Infotainment System.

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Screamin Eagle Air Cleaner - More Airflow Equals More PowerSE%20Air%20Cleaners%20Title

It’s all about the performance, look and feel with the powerful lineup of Screamin’ Eagle® Stage Upgrades. Whether you’re looking to enhance the look and sound of your motorcycle or get the absolute best performance upgrade available, a Stage I Upgrade is the foundation for any performance boosts you do.

You’re on your way to bigger and better things with your new Screamin’ Eagle® Performance Upgrades. Picking a new intake is the first step of your Stage I foundation, so choosing the right air cleaner to maximize your customization – including matching your style – is key. Options range from a raw, exposed look to our new Screamin’ Eagle® Heavy Breather Extreme and Screamin’ Eagle® Extreme Ventilator Air Cleaners - designed especially for larger displacement engines.

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Screamin' Eagle Performance: Stage I - Feed the BeastI_MKE8107

The Stage I upgrade includes high-flow air cleaners, mufflers and the proper electronic control module (ECM) tuning, using the Pro Street Tuner. Stage I is the foundation for all other upgrades.

Stage I is ideal for riders that want to enhance the performance, look and sound of their bike. Riders will feel up to a 10% increase in performance throughout the entire RPM range. Stage I also allows customers to personalize their upgrade through several unique style options.

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Screamin' Eagle Performance: Stage II - Personalized PowerScreaminEagle_0000s_0000s_0004s_0000s_0001s_0000_StageII

TORQUE: “I want instant passing power at cruising and highway speeds.”

POWER: “I want to feel the power build and then pull all the way to the redline.”


Two Wrenches      Two Dollar Signs

Cam choices allow you to tailor the engine’s performance to your specific needs. A torque cam offers on-demand throttle response from low to mid RPM at cruising speed. A power cam targets high RPM, wide-open throttle response that keeps pulling right up to the redline.

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Screamin' Eagle Performance: Stage III - Go BigScreaminEagle_0000s_0000s_0004s_0000s_0001s_0000_StageII

"I want instant power that lasts throughout the entire RPM range. Bigger is better."


Three Wrenches   

  Three Dollar Signs

The next step on the performance journey is to build a "bigger" engine, and that means more cubic inches. Stage III upgrades add size to your engine and increase compression for a bigger bang. With the proper cam profile and free-flowing intake and exhaust, a big bore motor can be tuned to deliver the power to ride any way you like or to ride two-up while retaining that solo feel. Stage III is ideal for riders who want the largest engine displacement and increased power throughout the entire RPM range.

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Screamin' Eagle Performance: Stage IV - The Finishing TouchScreaminEagle_0000s_0000s_0004s_0002s_0001s_0000_StageIV

"I ride hard and want the absolute best performance upgrade available. Try to keep up… I dare you!"


Three Wrenches      Four Dollar Signs

Now that you have the volume, use it the right way. By adding high-flowing ported and matched upper-end components to the bigger engine, you can make sure you're moving as much air and fuel as the engine can take. Stage IV adds more horsepower to the already impressive Stage III upgrade. Designed to satisfy the high RPM, throttle twisting rider, the Stage IV upgrade delivers up to a 52% increase in power. For Milwaukee-Eight engines, this equates to over 120 HP delivered to the rear wheel, installed without removing it from the frame!

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Fitting Your Sportster To You: 2 Common ProblemsFoot%20Controls

The Sportster model has been around since 1957 and it's no wonder why it's still around. It is one cool motorcycle. People are often drawn to the Sportster for it's size and stripped down look. A lot of people fall in love with the looks of the bike. They love the test ride. They can't wait to get it home. But after the first couple of longer rides they might discover that they feel a little cramped or a little stretched out. Like any motorcycle, it's important that your motorcycle fits your riding style and body style in addition to your lifestyle. Let's explore a few facts and the P&A products that will best suit your needs as a Sportster enthusiast - no matter what size rider you are.

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Cafe Custom Sportstercafe%20custom

A Cafe bike starts with a “less-is-more” philosophy. Stripped of all “unnecessary”accessories, these unburdened motorcycles are lighter, faster and have a hardedged,rebellious look that reflects the rider’s bare-knuckle attitude.

"… the XLCR may be one of the most appealing bikes of the decade, a combination of two of the strongest profiling elements on two wheels — big, thundering Harley-Davidsons and sleek, kinetic-looking cafe racers." — Cycle Guide, July 1977
Conceived under the watchful eye of Willie G. Davidson, the iconic 1977-79 XLCR Café Racer model established a new timeless look - and re-creating that bike’s spirit is one of today’s fastest growing customization trends.

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Softail Customization Ideas2017-FLS-Softail-Slim-wallpaper-1024x768

Customization is what make the Harley-Davidson motorcycle that you buy, truly your own. They are a reflection of your riding style, body type and personal style. For some people, they have a perfect idea of what they want their bike to look like when it's "done" (although when is a bike truly done?). For others, their custom build takes time and slowly morphs over time adding new details here and there. Still others, are constantly looking for new inspiration. If you fall into this bucket, here are a few of our favorite Softail customization projects. Bonus. They are all accomplished using factory parts that can be installed without temperamental fitment questions and warranty-voiding concerns.

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Harley-Davidson Suspension for Dynas

Premium Ride Emulsion ShocksDyna Suspension.jpg

  • An option for premium suspension for Dyna® models
  • Improved rider feel and passenger comfort
  • Great handling and the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible on Dyna® models

Features and Benefits:

  • Nitrogen gas charging prevents cavitation under harsh conditions
  • Internal Valve Stack provides superior damping for rider control
  • Larger 36mm piston reacts quicker to small inputs
  • Triple rate spring keeps the tire glued to the road regardless of road conditions
  • High performance oil improves rider feel
  • Threaded pre-load adjustment accommodates heavier loads and allows for more precise adjustment
  • Urethane bumper provides a softer feel when the shock bottoms

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3 Steps to Great Sound - H-D Audio UpgradesFLHTCU_BmAudioStg2_DTL_SP17_5

Your bike’s factory-equipped Boom!™ Box in-dash audio system and speakers are designed to provide enjoyable full-range sound quality, at a volume level you can hear on the open road. With the addition of Boom! Audio speakers and amplifiers you’ll get louder, ride-enhancing sound – thanks to increased frequency response, lower distortion and strong mid-range performance that cut through wind noise. Designed specifically for your ride, Boom! Audio equipment doesn’t just sound great – it’s engineered tough to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

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