Test Ride a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Test rides are an excellent way to get to know a motorcycle. Sitting on a motorcycle on the showroom floor can be a great way to have a conversation about riding position and motorcycle features, but until you feel the motorcycle pull you away from a stop or turn through a corner, it's hard to determine proper fit. 

Test Ride Tent 2Test Ride Requirements

  • We ask that each person participating in a Test Ride experience be wearing the proper gear. We require helmets, eye protection and closed toe shoes.
  • Any driver must have an M1 endorsement on their valid driver's license (or similar endorsement for out of state guests). 

Upon Your Arrival

One of our amazing Product Specialists will dedicate one-on-one time to you and introduce you to the motorcycle/s you are interested in.

 When you are ready, we will gather a few bits of information prior to the test ride and then make sure the bike is set to your specs. We will set suspension based on your weight to ensure you have the best experience customized to fit you and your desired riding position. The test ride route is full of curves and relatively low-traffic lanes, so you can enjoy the ride and get a feel for cornering. After your test ride we will go over all of your bike purchase options so you have all of the information you need to make an educated buying decision.

Are you a new rider that isn't sure you're ready for a test ride in normal traffic?

If you have a motorcycle endorsement on your license, but not necessarily the confidence to go out on the road, we can set you up with a test ride experience in our parking lot. If you do not have a motorcycle endorsement, check out our Harley-Davidson Ride Simulator!