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Introducing the Harley-Davidson® Bronx. Unapologetic attitude with the performance necessary to back it up. Torque, handling, and technology in a modern package. Middleweight has a new meaning.

Unapologetic attitude with the performance necessary to back it up. Torque, handling, and technology in a modern package. Middleweight has a new meaning. Coming in 2020.


Powering both the new Pan America™ and Bronx models is the new liquid-cooled 975cc and 1,250cc Revolution® Max engine. Created to power a range of new Harley-Davidson® models, the Revolution® Max is designed to offer flexible performance with a broad powerband that builds to a surge of high-RPM power. Minimizing weight and maximizing performance, the Revolution® Max provides a narrow powertrain profile that is integrated into the motorcycle as a stressed member of the frame to enhance center of gravity and handling. The fully balanced powertrain has an internal counter balancer that mitigates primary engine vibration to enhance rider comfort and improve vehicle durability. Its design is bold and contoured, classic and contemporary, strong and svelte – a representation of Harley-Davidson® performance and style. 

Revolution® Max 1250 Engine Performance Targets

  • Displacement 1250cc
  • More than 145 horsepower
  • More than 90 ft. lbs. peak torque

Revolution® Max 975 Engine Performance Targets

  • Displacement 975cc
  • More than 115 horsepower
  • More than 70 ft. lbs. peak torque

Revolution® Max Engine Technical Features

  • Liquid-Cooled V-Twin Architecture
    • Since 1909 the V-Twin engine has been the centerpiece for legendary Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. This lineage continues into the middleweight performance space with the Revolution® Max engine.
    • A 60-degree vee angle of the cylinders provides space for dual down draft throttle bodies that maximize air flow and increase performance.
    • Liquid cooling maintains a controlled engine temperature for consistent performance in changing environmental and riding situations.


To optimize performance of the new Pan America™ and Bronx™ models, Harley-Davidson® tapped into the expertise of world class component manufacturers to deliver bespoke solutions for braking and tire performance. For braking, Harley-Davidson® collaborated with Brembo® to create a new radial monoblock four-piston caliper that combines sharp edges with softer curves designed to create a style that complements the personality of the bike and delivers outstanding braking feel and capability. For tires, Michelin® and Harley-Davidson® have worked closely to develop co-branded tires for each motorcycle model that optimize performance, feel and grip in all conditions.


*Prototype model shown. Production model features will vary. Not yet available for sale. All future models shown may not be available in all markets. 

The Future Streetfighter Harley-Davidson Model - Coming 2020

Expanding our line of middleweight models is the first Harley-Davidson® streetfighter motorcycle that is planned for 2020. Unapologetic modern style with enough performance and agility to carve through city streets.

"There will be nine streetfighter models using the new engines and taking Harley-Davidson into a new, highly competitive, and lower-sales-volume segment of the market. While these models, ranging from 500 to 1,250cc, certainly will generate interest in the US market, naked roadsters—like the Pan America—will compete strongly in Europe. The first streetfighter will use the 975cc variation of the liquid-cooled V-twin.

Kumbier said there would be unfaired and partly faired models. In the video a street-tracker clay model is shown being worked on with an early XR750 in the background, while a compact half-faired clay model is framed with, and reminiscent of, the 1994 Harley-Davidson VR1000 roadracer homologation special. It’s a promising direction for sport-oriented riders who may not have looked to the Bar and Shield before. Like with the adventure bike, competitive execution and performance will be key to success."

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