How can I get the most money for my trade?


What do you take in on trade?

If it has a VIN number, chances are pretty good we can take it in on trade towards the purchase of a new or pre-owned Harley-Davidson
motorcycle. This includes both Harley-Davidson motorcycles and motorcycles of other brands. But this also includes scooters, cars,
trucks, boats, planes, ATVs… you get the idea. There is one stipulation. In most cases a motorcycle coming from out of state must have
7,500 miles on it before we can take it in on trade. New to the area and need some ideas on how to rack up the miles? Check out these
suggested ride ideas.

So how much is your motorcycle worth? Fill out the form on this page to find out! 

How can I get the most money for my trade?

  1. Show us the motorcycle. In order to give you the best value for your motorcycle we need to see it. Quote values you receive online,
    without at least sending pictures in, are typically not accurate. How can they be? The dealer has not seen your motorcycle! They
    are counting on the fact that there is probably something wrong with your motorcycle.
  2. Keep your service records. If you have documentation that your motorcycle has been serviced by a Harley-Davidson Authorized
    Technician, that maintenance was performed according to the owner’s manual, that recalls were taken care of in a timely fashion,
    and accessories were added properly then we can pass that information along to the future buyer. Peace of mind for them means
    greater value in your motorcycle for us and a better trade-in value for you.
  3. Have an extended service plan. The Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan protects the rider from costly repairs on covered
    claims for up to 7 years and unlimited miles. Should you decide to sell your motorcycle, you can transfer any remaining coverage
    to the next owner. This can easily increase the resale value. You can also use the remaining balance of the Harley-Davidson Extended
    Service Plan towards the down payment of your next H-D motorcycle.
  4. Invest in protection plans. Programs like Guaranteed Asset Protection, Tire and Wheel Protection, H-D Appearance Protection
    and Pre-Paid Maintenance can also increase the value of a motorcycle.
  5. Bring us your paperwork. Bring it all. Especially your bill of sale. We are happy to help you decode it in the event that you aren’t
    sure what protections and plans you purchased way back when.
  6. Keep your stock accessories. Parts and accessories can add value to a motorcycle because you have probably done a great job
    customizing your bike to reflect your personality. In some cases though, it’s nice to have the accessories that came stock on the
    motorcycle. You might love that Solo Reach Seat you had installed but it’s possible the guy looking at purchasing your motorcycle is
    6 feet tall and loves riding with his wife on the back. Having a stock exhaust system can sometimes be worth more than having an
    aftermarket exhaust set up.
  7. Calculate the difference price. The difference price is the total price of the motorcycle you are going to purchase, plus dealer fees,
    sales tax and licensing MINUS the equity in your trade. You might get one dealership to give you a very high trade value on your
    motorcycle and a high price on the new motorcycle while another dealership wants to give you a lower trade value a fair price on
    the new motorcycle. Your difference price is the number that doesn’t lie. Read all about how to calculate difference price here.

What should I bring with me when I go to trade in my motorcycle?

  • Your motorcycle. Seems obvious but it’s a good start. Let’s say your motorcycle isn’t running. Oakland H-D can send a truck specifically
    designed to haul motorcycles to come pick it up.
  • Your original purchase agreement paperwork.
  • Your extended service plan and protection plan paperwork.
  • All of your service records and accessory purchase receipts.
  • Your owner’s manual, security code and any keys.
  • Your title. If you originally had a loan and your motorcycle is now paid off, you should have a clear title from the DMV. If you have
    a good reason why you do not have a title then let’s talk about it and maybe we can help.
  • Your registration. Even if the motorcycle registration is expired, bring it in. We can still take it in on trade.
  • The stock accessories. If you have any stock accessories, we can evaluate to see which ones might make the most sense to the most

At Oakland Harley-Davidson...

We aim to make the process of purchasing a motorcycle easy, transparent and efficient.

We put everything in writing so you know exactly what we are agreeing to – right down to the price tags featured on each motorcycle. Our financial consultants are certified by several organizations and highly trained to ensure, no matter your credit, you receive the best financial package as well protection for your investment.

Our certified pre-owned motorcycles have been restored. Not reconditioned.

We ensure that every motorcycle sold at Oakland Harley-Davidson has been thoroughly inspected by a Harley-Davidson factory trained technician, has had any issues addressed and is road ready.

Excellent customer experience means we provide a personalized motorcycle experience as unique as you.

The motorcycle you purchase, the finance options you choose, the customizations you make, the gear you wear; our team of experts help you determine what fits best with your needs and wants. We aren’t successful unless you enjoy your ride.

You become part of the local motorcycle community.

With a free membership to the National Harley Owners group and an invitation to our local Harley Owners Group chapter, purchasing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle from us means you have just made friends with millions of riders all over the world. You also have access to exclusive events, rides, contests, and magazines as well as the Road Side Assistance program, the Theft Reward program and perks at other retailers.