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Where to Ride a Motorcycle in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area has some of the most epic riding in the country... all within a few miles of Oakland Harley-Davidson. If you are looking for some ride route ideas, check out some of the rides listed below! As avid riders, our team has compiled some of our favorite rides (and included some of our favorite stops) to give you a few ideas on where to take off to. There's something for everyone whether you are looking for some twisty roads, motorcycle day trips or just want to explore a new corner of the Bay. If you are looking for someone else to take the lead and show you some amazing local places, check out the Oakland CA chapter of the Harley Owners Group. Are we missing a local epic ride that you know about? Let us know on the form at the bottom of this page!

A Group to Go Ride With

Need someone to ride with? Would you rather just sit back and let someone else lead for a change? Up for meeting some new people and seeing some new places? Check out Oakland CA Harley Owner's Group! All members share at least one common interest: riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. As a chapter member, you will be able to take advantage of the numerous rides (nearly every weekend) and events we schedule each year. If you are unsure about joining us, give us a try! Come to an upcoming meeting, meet some members and join us on a ride after! 

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LOCAL RIDES: Rushin' to the RiverRushinToTheRiver

Just an hour or so north of densely populated San Francisco, you can revel in the solitude offered by long stretches of surprisingly lonely two-lane highways. Quaint dairies, apple orchards, wineries and even llama farms line the roadways. The northern portion of this loop takes you by the serene Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, where it is recommended that you take an idyllic hike among these true giants of nature. This ride's highlight is you trip along the serpentine Russian River, rays of sunlight piercing the forest canopy as you roll on by.

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Reasons I Love Riding in California

 Our version of the west stretches from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Pacific Coast and South from the Sonoran and Mojave  Deserts and rimmed by two of the tallest mountain ranges in the continental United States: The Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain Range. Visitors are awe-struck by the expansive beauty and diversity of the land. The natural beauty of the land is unmistakeable as is the attraction for adventure and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental.

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LOCAL RIDE: Best of Nor-Cal

Our awe-inspiring Northern California coast hasn’t changed much since the Russian navigator, Vitus Bering discovered the foggy continent in 1742. California Highway 1 meanders along the furrowed coast line providing the perfect ride for: change in elevation, diversity of landscape and an infinite sampling of regional delicacies. Stop for a photo op and/or a picnic at MUIR BEACH (mile 38).

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LOCAL RIDES: Golden Gate Bridge/Fort Pointbridge%206-771189-edited

The crown jewel of the Bay Area is the Golden Gate BridgeFew structures on the planet surpass our iconic bridge for aesthetics, profile and function. Bay Area native or transplant, we all identify with the stability of its expansive shoulders, uncomplicated design and embodiment of freedom, coexistence and the spirit of adventure making this the perfect destination for a San Francisco Harley-Davidson rental experience.

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LOCAL RIDES: Napa-Middletown-Calistoga-Sonoma Things that make you Hmm

The term “Wine Country” has become a generic term describing ubiquitous regions ranging from the southern tip of Argentina and as far north to include ALASKA-DENALI WINERY   who boast the unique wine mantra of, “We specialize in crafting personal, micro-brewed batch of wine that meet the discerning palates of our customers.” Having never been to Alaska, I don’t know how discerning one’s palatte can be but last I heard, the process of wine-making involves fermentation rather than brewing but maybe things have changed in the wine making business. Stil, anything with a moose logo is cool enough for me.

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Not sure where to go? Do you want to ride along the coast? Ride through the Redwood trees? Spend some quality time in the twisties? Oh Wait! Only have time for a quick ride? The road is calling. This is a quick 2 hour ride to the picturesque:  Santa Cruz Beach-Boardwalk

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Rent A Harley

At this time, we are not offering rentals from our location. In May 2017, Harley-Davidson announced that they would be partnering exclusively with Eagle Rider to provide riders in the U.S. rental, travel and tour experiences exclusively on new Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We, at Oakland Harley-Davidson, are in the process of bringing Eagle Rider into our operations and hope to have this accomplished in early 2019. 

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