Why Shop Oakland H-D When Buying a Motorcycle

We make the process of purchasing a motorcycle EASY, TRANSPARENT AND EFFICIENT.

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Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Check In at Oakland H-D When Buying a Motorcycle:

"They were more than helpful with working with me to get to a monthly payment that was more than desirable." - Redwood City, CA

"Told my salesperson what I wanted to put down and pay monthly and after a little work on their end we had a deal!" - Alameda, CA

1. We aim to make the process of purchasing a motorcycle easy, transparent and efficient. We put everything in writing so you know exactly what we are agreeing to – right down to the price tags featured on each motorcycle. Our financial consultants are certified by several organizations and highly trained to ensure, no matter your credit, you receive the best financial package as well protection for your investment.

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"My salesperson was attentive to what I wanted and helped me in getting the bike I was looking for." San Jose, CA

"They are really hands on making sure when you become a part of the family at Oakland Harley-Davidson. You are really taken care of." - Oakland, CA

2. Our team strives to provide you the best total ownership experience. To experience customer service from true professionals, they must have a deep passion for what they do and want to share that passion with you. We work to earn the privilege of being your Harley-Davidson dealership of choice for life. This means ensuring your needs are met, not just at the time of the sale, but for every mile of your ride.

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"My salesperson had a lot of insight on bikes in general and was straight forward, honest, and professional. Even helped me set up a test ride to see what bike I want." - San Francisco, CA

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3. Excellent customer experience means we provide a personalized motorcycle experience as unique as you. The motorcycle you purchase, the finance options you choose, the customizations you make, the gear you wear; our team of experts help you determine what fits best with your needs and wants. We aren’t successful unless you enjoy your ride.

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"The showroom is huge! Not what I expected at all." - Richmond, CA 

4. We have one of the largest, cleanest showrooms in Northern California. The dealership has a 42,000-square footprint, which allows us to showcase more new and pre-owned models, in a variety of colors and options. You have access to the total line up of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, accessories, and clothing in one easy, convenient trip. For further convenience, we are located in the heart of the East Bay blocks from the Oakland International Airport and all departments of the dealership are open 7 days a week. If we do not carry a product, give us the opportunity to find it for you. First time to our store? Let us give you a behind-the-scenes tour.

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"They were able to get my dream bike." - San Leandro, CA

"Large variety of great quality bikes in stock." - Morgan Hill, CA

5. Our certified pre-owned motorcycles have been restored not reconditioned. We ensure that every motorcycle sold at Oakland Harley-Davidson has been thoroughly inspected by a Harley-Davidson factory trained technician, has had any issues addressed and is road ready.
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34 Reasons Why the 2017 Street Glide Special Is Better Than Your 2013

2017 Street Glide

Harley-Davidson has been manufacturing and selling Street Glide motorcycles for over a decade now and they are without a doubt one of the most popular models. Big motor. Great profile. All of the amenities you need and some you just want. Reasonably priced.

But the 2017 model year brings a whole new Street Glide to the game and many of the improvements are going unnoticed. If you have been racking up the miles on your 2012 Glide this might be the year to turn her in on a whole new ride.

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Difference Price

Why Is the Difference Price Important?

If you have a trade, why is the difference price important? We'll run you through a few scenarios to help you make sure that you are getting the right deal when negotiating a new (or pre-owned) motorcycle. 

The difference price is the total price of the bike, plus dealer fee, sales tax, and licensing (the out the door price, OTD.) minus the equity in your trade.

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Dyna Street Bob - 10 Reasons Why to Buy

Dyna Street Bob

The Street Bob® motorcycle oozes cool with tough looks that go straight back to the roots of the bobber scene. This model leaves everything exposed and is as “naked” as the law allows. There’s not a part on it that isn’t absolutely necessary, yet it’s also premium in every way.

  1. The powertrain finish looks basic and black until you study the details…the wrinkle-black rocker covers with polished fins, the polished derby cover and pushrod tubes…this is a premium Harley-Davidson® engine with custom style you’ll really appreciate.
  2. If you like the nostalgic, bobber style of the Dyna Street Bob motorcycle, then the round air cleaner cover with is retro profile has to be a styling highlight.

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Battle of the Glides: Shark nose vs Batwing

Comparing Street Glide to Road Glide

 Two models of baggers are battling it out for the Most Popular Model award of the 2017 model year. The deciding factor? The style of front fairing. The Batwing Fairing and the Shark Nose Fairing.

A fork-mounted fairing was first available on Electra Glide models in 1969. This became unofficially known as the "batwing" fairing. Although the batwing fairing was an easily removable option on early Electra Glides, over time the instruments were moved into the fairing making it difficult to remove.

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Cafe Custom Sportster

A Cafe bike starts with a “less-is-more” philosophy. Stripped of all “unnecessary”accessories, these unburdened motorcycles are lighter, faster and have a hardedged,rebellious look that reflects the rider’s bare-knuckle attitude.

"… the XLCR may be one of the most appealing bikes of the decade, a combination of two of the strongest profiling elements on two wheels — big, thundering Harley-Davidsons and sleek, kinetic-looking cafe racers." — Cycle Guide, July 197
Conceived under the watchful eye of Willie G. Davidson, the iconic 1977-79 XLCR Café Racer model established a new timeless look - and re-creating that bike’s spirit is one of today’s fastest growing customization trends.

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 H-D Touring Suspension

Touring Suspension

The 2017 lineup of touring motorcycles received a huge upgrade in the Milwaukee-Eight engine. You can read all about that here and see it for the first time in black here.

While everyone is talking about that brand new engine, there is a lot to said about the all new Touring suspension system this year's Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles received as well. 

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Comparing the Types of Road Glides

3 types of Road Glides are represented in the 2017 Model Year of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. What exactly makes each of them unique? Here is the breakdown:

Here's what is similar between the Road Glide, Road Glide Special and Road Glide Ultra:

  • The Road Glide, Road Glide Special, and Road Glide Ultra all feature the new Milwaukee-Eight™ engine which utilizes the latest design and manufacturing technology so you can count on outstanding power, economy and durability. For a full overview on the Milwaukee-Eight you should definitely check out our article. 
  • A new primary cover slims down the left side of the powertrain to give you more foot room and for many riders, shorten your reach to the ground.
  • With ratios selected for touring performance, the Six-Speed Cruise Drive® Transmission delivers strong acceleration to help you pull away from traffic plus relaxed highway engine speed and enhanced fuel economy in sixth gear so you can ride longer in comfort.
  • Dunlop®/Harley-Davidson® Multi-Tread Tires are designed specifically for the Touring chassis with a special center tread compound so you’ll get longer rear-tire life and enjoy good allaround performance. More on Dunlop tires here.

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Hottest Dyna of 2017 - Low Rider S - 10 Reasons Why

The Low Rider® S model redefines Harley-Davidson® performance, combining the rigid Dyna® chassis with Premium ride suspension components and the incredible power of the Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110™ engine. It’s a motorcycle that connects the rider to the road by delivering instantaneous power and agile handling, with styling inspired by California (and global) custom motorcycle culture.

1. You will never get tired of acceleration produced by the Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110™ engine in the Low Rider S motorcycle. It’s assembled with proven Screamin’ Eagle® cylinders and heads, forged pistons and a highperformance camshaft. Rated at 115 ft. lbs. of torque, this is the most-powerful production version of the Twin Cam engine Harley offers, with 7 percent more displacement and 13 percent more peak torque than the H.O. Twin Cam 103™ engine.

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7 Resources to Help You Operate The Infotainment System Like a Pro

Technical manuals vex me. My modest accomplishments include: replacing the motor in a 72 VW Bug in a day,  making home made pasta, and changing the diapers of my two children. However, when it comes to the combination of reading/following contemporary manuals and guides, my brain shuts down like an overserved drunkard at 2:00 am. Leaving me with the only question of, “Do human beings actually write these @#! things”?

If you recently purchased a 2014 or later Touring motorcycle with a standard or premium Infotainment System and haven’t braved through the manual, fear not. You’ll need four things to master 50% of the Infotainment operations: Patience, time and opposable thumbs. We’ll help with the rest. We’ve selected the seven best online resources that will help you learn the power of the Infotainment System.

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The Milwaukee-Eight Engine

2017 begins the next era of power, performance and innovation for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, and it all starts with the all-new Milwaukee-Eight™ engines. The sound of the Harley-Davidson® 45-degree V-Twin rings through the history of motorcycling in an unbroken line stretching back to 1909. Each one improving on the one before it. Iconic. Durable. Unmistakable in their sound. Unparalleled in their muscular look. Unmatched in the feeling they deliver to the rider. Find out more about each of the iconic past engines.

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BREAKING: New Street Rod XG750A

According to Fred Savage, Styling Manager for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the feedback the Motor Company received about the next Street motorcycle was to give it more power, more agility and an urban brawler look. That is exactly what they produced in the XG750A Street Rod.

 Engine and Primary Drive

The Street Rod™ (XG750A) is the latest of models introduced by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company for the 2017.5 model year. A new High Output Revolution X™ Engine features enhancements that provide an aggressive riding experience by increasing air flow, engine speed, and compression to deliver more power. H-D engineers were able to pump up the horsepower (18%) and torque (8%) by re-doing the intake ports and adding new high lift cams as well as a dual throttle body*. This results in a consistent build of power as the rider rolls on the throttle. The engine delivers power the rider can feel, maximizing the mid-range torque with a punch between 4,000 and 5,000 RPM. This engine is liquid-cooled which means it maintains cooler temperatures and provides consistent performance and power delivery off the line and on the road. 

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What is Project Rushmore?

Project Rushmore

In 2014 Harley-Davidson made a huge transformation to the touring lineup by introducing a customer-driven effort to fundamentally improve every aspect of the riding experience. Led by extensive customer feedback, this initiative sparked more than 100 changes that were made to the touring line, which were then broken up into four customer-defined categories. 

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